- we have more than 13 years of know-how in the field of SW, FW and HW testing, which means that we have no competition in independent manual testing in Slovakia,

- we have participated in more than 30 successful projects of our clients - from simple web sites to complex SW solutions for pan-European companies, for which we are continuously responsible for quality standards for many years.

- long-term relationships with our customers are based on trust, loyalty, discretion, straightforwardness and fair dealing, because only through the satisfaction of our clients we can feel good about what we do,

- we treat all our clients with the same responsibility, regardless of the their company or project size and regardless of the length or extent of our cooperation,

- SPOC - group of senior testers works for you, but all communication leads through a single person - a team leader, who not only checks and approves every report that is directed to the customer, but also participates in the testing itself,

- we do not work on the principle of headless clicking, we approach all tasks systematically and logically, therefore the output does not contain only the found bugs, but the whole detailed procedure of their reproduction with the expected result, eventually also their solutions, screenshots and video-sequences in attachment, by which we often substitute the tasks of analyst,

- due to the diversity of projects we have participated in so far, we have no problem with testing any products created on any platform and in any language,

- we can also test products for which there are no specifications, comprehensive programming assignments, process maps or manuals - and what is more, we can re-create them after our own analysis,

- we always take your budget into consideration and we try to adapt it, in the case of longer-term cooperation, we even are able to offer our clients senior quality for the price of junior testers.